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Japan Enix Co., Ltd., your partner in providing the best radio communication solutions available.
Ever since its establishment in 1974, Japan Enix has specialized in the sale of radio communication solutions for marine, terrestrial, and aeronautical applications, together with related system building and maintenance.
In fields that call for instant, precise multi-radio communications, our professional-use radio communication devices have contributed significantly not only to improving productivity, but also to safeguarding lives.
Our employees are all radio communications experts able to advise on the most effective solutions for your business and help you to create the ideal communications environment.
With over half of our employees belonging to our top-flight technical section, we guarantee solid after sales support.
At Japan Enix, partnership with our customers is at the core of our business.
Bringing people and businesses together, integrating voice and data, our communications solutions make your business work.


Radio communication equipment is an indispensable component of the communications and rescue systems of large vessels navigating the world’s oceans, such as the luxury cruise liner Asuka.
Ever since its establishment, Japan Enix has contributed to the safe and efficient operation of seagoing vessels through leveraging its core competence in marine communications to equip ships with communication systems, provide maintenance and repair services, carry out periodical checks and certified inspections, and offer new solutions.