Digitalization of Convenience Radios

As of 2008/8/29, in order to better utilize radio waves, radio frequency regulations were revised approving digital methods for Kan-I (convenience) radio stations in the UHF range. For more information.

New "Digital/Analog" Portable Radio

Motorola's next Digital/Analog ModelGDB4500
①The ruggedness of Motorola 
・Dust and Water protection
・Accelerated Life Testing (ALT):
  Simulating 5 years of rugged use to ensure quality
・2 year manufacturer's warranty②Profesional Use Radio
・35 analog and 65 digital channels
Continue to communicate with analog
while preparing for digitalization.
・5 watts of power

③New features for the GDB4500
・Preset text messages can be sent when
voice calls cannot be made
・Low battery alert gives an audible tone
to indicate the battery needs charging/replacing
・A repeat function automatically records
the last incoming transmission
■Other points
32,767 path encryption for highly secure transmissions
・Digital signal provides clear sound quality at 700mW of audio output power
IP67 level dust and water protection
・Multiple calling styles including: All Call, Group Call and Individual Call
Emergency function